New York Men’s Day goes ‘Camping’ with Sebastian Ami at New York Fashion Week


The Call Of The Woods

Summer is barely over, there’s currently a heatwave here in New York City, and it’s busy as always for the start of New York Fashion Week, but on a storm-ridden Friday afternoon right in the heart of Hudson Yards and the High Line, it’s New York Men’s Day, filled with men’s and gender-neutral collections offered for the spring and summer 2024, and when the weather finally turns cooler, there’ll be those chilly spring nights we have to deal with, but we got nights around a campfire on our mind with Sebastian Ami and it’s “Camping” collection.


Sebastian Ami, created by Sebastian and Marianne Amisial is a luxury menswear collection inspired by the two spending a lot of time in Idaho where the great outdoors are a way of life in the upper mid-western part of the United States, taking vintage clothing and giving it a whole new perspective for modern day, it’s methodical placement is absolutely intentional for its campfire wilderness set up.


You will definitely feel their tried and true silhouettes which are found in this season’s new field jacket, quarter zip are in nylon with similar styles now done in different fabrics, a new iteration of their bomber jacket where it’s toned down to be a lighter nylon piece, lighter fabrics overall with heavier sweater pieces to deal with that overnight chill.

The city can be many perils that drive us out into the suburbs or even into the woods, but the city doesn’t have to be always hard, it can be easier to live with if you’ve got “Camping” style in mind by Sebastian Ami.

Daniel Quintanilla

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