Kerry Bannigan in Sourcing Journal Sustainability Report: ‘S’ in ESG can’t be ignored

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Time Is Running Out

In a sustainability report just released today by Sourcing Journal with Informa, conscious fashion advocate, Kerry Bannigan, says it’s not just the U.N. 2030 date that brands and businesses have to meet to achieve sustainability, it’s a huge groundswell effort that for one, meets the demands of their customers, but meets growing sustainable concerns raised by their employees, who are asking their bosses to be mindful about their worries about the environment.

What started out as an optimistic outlook by brands on sustainability early on in 2015 when the U.N. Set the sustainability 2030 deadline, it’s now turned into a painstaking process and sometimes a 2 steps back situation on meeting all sustainability requirements, there’s the COVID-19 pandemic that slowed the process down tremendously, and the realization of not latching onto the effort much earlier on shortly after the U.N. set the 2030 date.

It’s apparently going to take longer than 2030 to be absolutely sustainable with their business, there’s audits on sustainability that are being done as we speak, realigning business models, budgets, and portfolios to meet this challenge, meeting legal requirements, and being transparent; partnerships, city policies, and more legislative actions are going to speed up the process for the fashion industry to meet the UN’s Social Development Goals (SDG) for this reset being the Green New Deal to roll out on time; more reports on Sustainability Now can be read in the Sourcing Journal.

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