MAGIC New York takes foothold of spring/ summer 2024 with D’AMELIO Footwear


Speak With Your Feet

There’s a force amongst us, we feel it on the trade show floor here at the Javits Center today in New York City on this day 2 of the MAGIC New York trade show, a presence you know will define the mood and the tone of MAGIC, it’s that leading brand everybody will be talking about, taking snapshots like DANIEL PLUS LAUREN did in their sponsored Photo Booth, it’s none other than D’AMELIO Footwear, the one who’s speaking for MAGIC New York this spring/ summer 2024 edition filled with winter-ending shoes to knock out an Arctic blast.


There’s one thing that D‘AMELIO is all about, and it’s in many words to live by, D’AMELIO is self-expression, showing your sense of style, quality, and crass, also in this beautiful collection, D’AMELIO has 300 million people following their brand cumulatively, a footwear enterprise stemming from their deep passion for fashion, and its capacity to shape an individual’s style and confidence.


D’AMELIO is powered by industry experts with 30 years of experience, who’s dedicated to crafting an accessible collection that harmoniously melds comfort, style, and quality; D’AMELIO was also the prominent featured brands at MAGIC New York, sponsoring events like happy hour and The Majestic Photobooth so D’AMELIO leaves its unbreakable footprint on a fashion space that thrives for brands that raise the bar in fashion, taking up the challenge of creating footwear that’s a mark for inspiration.

Daniel Quintanilla

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