Taylor Swift wears Akillis and Anabela Chan jewelry to ‘ERAS Tour Film’ LA premiere


Tay Tay’s Walking Through That Door

The Grove in Los Angeles, California on Wednesday night was absolutely shutdown, reaching all the way to the Farmer’s Market so much where Taylor Swift undoubtedly forces the hand to move up “Eras Tour Film” premiere to much earlier today nationwide, but Taylor didn’t show up to the premiere alone, aside from Taylor and Beyoncé watching the premiere side by side, Taylor brought along Akillis diamond ring and Anabela Chan ring for the red carpet moment, all courtesy of Dorazio PR.

Dorazio PR for a long time now has been the go-to red carpet jewelry lender to celebrities and artists alike, and it’s been Taylor’s jeweler for years and years, as recently as the “MTV Video Music Awards” where Taylor won every nomination; “The Eras Tour Film” from its first announcement on August 31 is sure to be the biggest movie release in history, with a sure fire chance to outpace “Barbie”.

Daniel Quintanilla

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