Taylor Swift’s ‘ERAS Tour Film’ you want to go and see, then see the concert


Taylor’s The Man, You Must See This Film

If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to be Taylor Swift, then DANIEL PLUS LAUREN got a front-row seat today at the AMC Lincoln Square 13 here in New York City, around Columbus Circle on the upper west side of Manhattan on this fourth rainy Saturday in a row to feel the warm presence that Taylor Swift’s “The Eras Tour Film” gives you as it makes you feel right at home, not only with Taylor’s songs, the idea, and the process, but with the feeling of openness, understanding, and vulnerability without a huge plea for forgiveness as Taylor Swift brings you into her world.

Yours truly feels for those who have not been granted the golden opportunity of seeing the “Eras Tour” in person, Taylor’s oasis is set at SoFi Stadium in Inglewood, California where the last stop of the “Eras Tour” was filmed somewhere in the 6 night residency, what you get is a trip through all of Taylor’s albums that have left their mark, and Taylor smiling at those doubters about doing a tour like the “Eras Tour” by others, replying yes as promoters questioned it, and Taylor telling them she’ll see them there.

In Taylor’s cathartic writing process, Taylor revels in her COVID-19 pandemic albums of “Forklore” and “Evermore” that she wanted to be a millennial who didn’t just sit around, but write out moments of love, heartbreak, and those dumping you but yet they show up for your wake, diving into the twisted mind of an individual who brings something to an end, and are willing to see the planned out demise and funeral of it after declaring it dead.

Yes, it’s said that successful music artists sing about the downfalls of their fame in their albums at some point or another, but there’s an absolute difference about Taylor Swift, Taylor from the start uses her innate gift of storytelling to tell it in a way that not only Swifties, but music love will like, departing themselves from the 50 to 75 years old form of music that diehard music fans stress and preach.

To say that Taylor Swift is animated would be an understatement, Taylor walks you through dilemmas without taking you down a deep rabbit hole you’re left in for a season, Taylor brings out optimism in all the albums/ Eras she’s walked the world through, it’s one of the many gifts that a songwriter like Taylor Swift has on music, Taylor reads her fans so delicately, deliberately, and caring where Taylor stresses on how the music industry tries to put you in a box, and Taylor Swift also is the only artist truly and to the public where you believe that statement without questioning it.

There’s an epiphany that DANIEL PLUS LAUREN has when Taylor finally goes to the “Midnights” era at the end of the film, when Taylor sings in “Anti-Hero” that she had dream that her daughter-in-law kills her for the money, DANIEL PLUS LAUREN came up with the realization that Taylor could be referring to Olivia Rodrigo, the proclaimed daughter who loves and wants to be Taylor Swift so bad, that Olivia will use whatever means possible to make that happen, even attempting to eliminate Taylor via GEN Z.

****UPDATE ON 10/15/23: There’s also a revenge take from DANIEL PLUS LAUREN that Taylor Swift’s “Anti-Hero” music video is a dig on Olivia Rodrigo, where Taylor uses a 1970’s feel in such 4K, 35 millimeter panoply, capturing “later GEN Z & GEN ALPHA: 12-17 year olds, a new generation of Taylor Swift lovers” (digging on the 90’s SD look of Olivia Rodrigo & the never ending cancel culture of GEN Z (roughly 20 percent of GEN Z love and appreciate Taylor Swift)) to be that big monster who descends on the box of the music industry, destroying every formulated idea they come up with, an infringement on the formula used for many generations, and now on GEN Z, which is why Taylor says “their favorite city”, which in the MV looks extremely shabby as Taylor destroys it, it’s not New York, which GEN Z apparently despises, but truthfully cannot afford. UPDATE ON 10/15/23****

But as DANIEL PLUS LAUREN witnesses with Taylor Swift’s “The Eras Tour Film”, Taylor Swift reads not only millennials, or GEN Z even, but strips the generational box you’re put in along with the music industry, and reads those whose experienced what the cathartics are that Taylor Swift writes about, reaching out to those who want to experience a higher purpose, a higher calling, and a higher quality of life, and this public service announcement from DANIEL PLUS LAUREN stresses that if you’ve already seen the “Eras Tour Film”, you now must move your resources heaven and earth to see the “Eras Tour” concert in person when it comes back around, this is a 100 percent Taylor made, Taylor Swift experience you do not want to miss.

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