Olivia Rodrigo ‘Can’t Catch Me Now’ MV dress similar to 19:13 DRESSCODE corset?


Dainty Intensions

Olivia Rodrigo premiered the music video tonight for her ballad, “Can’t Catch Me Now”, off the soundtrack for “The Hunger Games: The Ballad of Songbirds & Snakes” due out in theaters this Friday, set in a cabin out in a grassy setting, wearing a dress that looks very familiar design wise which DANIEL PLUS LAUREN covered at Spring/ Summer edition of COTERIE NEW YORK back in September here in New York, it’s the 19:13 DRESSCODE Abito Bustier Mini In Tulle.

Though, the aesthetics and intentions are very different from each other, Olivia’s dress shares the same tulle idea which 19:13 DRESSCODE uses for its cocktail dress, while 19:13 has its mind on special occasion party girl vibes with its light and free-flowing night out that reveals your bust, cute girl flirtation, and liberated girls night out, Olivia’s “Can’t Catch Me Now” gown has a serious undertone departed from the like-minded makeup of 19:13 DRESSCODE, Olivia holds true to the heavy GEN Z fabric idea with a strong emphasis on true corset aesthetics starting at the bust that reaches down to the torso, followed by a longer devotion to tulle design with heavier opaque fabric that follows the corset above, plus Olivia’s corset dress is distressed and strapless.

The most ironic thing about the 19:13 DRESSCODE Italian corset dress is that DANIEL PLUS LAUREN emphasized Olivia Rodrigo due to red carpet step and repeats where Olivia wore similar dresses with DISNEY PLUS and MTV, plus a few moments from her SOUR tour, all dating back to early 2022 where Olivia Rodrigo wore these looks.

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