Mara Ferreira talks with team Lauren Conrad about M Loves M



Blogging While Being A Mommy

Mara Ferriera, founder of the ever-popular, M Loves M, talked today with Lauren Conrad’s, Anna James about her blog, and raising her first baby.

M Loves M first came about in 2009 right after Mara graduated from college, blogging every free moment she had, even at work when no one was looking, a place to blog about fashion, lifestyle, and things shared on Pinterest.

Inspiration came from Mara’s love of keeping diaries and journals, and support from family and friends, Mara too juggles between blogging and raising a baby, getting all her work down while baby takes naps.

Though, Mara’s life has changed since becoming a new mom, Mara does her best to stay humble and kind, and strives to be thankful for all that she’s gained.

Is This A Job Worth Uprooting For?

Lauren Conrad answered one’s question today about being able to tell if a job offer is worth moving yourself away from your people, and surroundings.

Ask yourself if this is your dream job, other jobs if this doesn’t work out, boost your resume, limitations where you’re coming from, city appeal, excitement & nerves, convenience between old city & new city, and where you’re at in your life.

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