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Ode To A Wonderful Month

Yes, the picture and pumpkins say it all with what October brings and what it leads up to, but nothing can compare to the weekend that is prior to Halloween with all the parties, Lauren Conrad today paused for a moment from all that excitement to tell about her favorites this week.

Lauren begins with interior from Jillian Harris, who’s created her very own wash room that is painted in baby blue to resemble the calmness of a baby, the laundry room has an incredible amount of space with lots of cabinets, towels, and self-serve laundry washer.

On Lauren’s mind next are a savory salty treat with a little sweet being sweet potato fries, but this dish is special because they come with a garlic avocado avoli dip, there’s also a picture of a girl who’s wearing the ultimate fall outfit out of a fall dream.

Let’s not forget to give Halloween a nod with a video tutorial of doing pretty mermaid Halloween makeup that is said to be super easy to execute, remember to keep the colors close to sky blue and ocean blue as you minimally apply the scales to the face and forehead, then keep those same colors for the hair.

And finally, it’s the picture that drew the world to Lauren Conrad’s Friday Favorites this week in the first place, a desktop/ laptop screen saver by Celeste Clark with pumpkins in many colors, defined by a single word only, October.

The Edit

The Halloween weekend celebration continues with Lauren’s gang today as their picks this week include fall-inspired fashions, Moses baskets, pumpkin pie scented candles, and unicorn trinkets from LC Lauren Conrad.

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