Babel New York kicks off weekend with ‘Book Of The Dead’ Halloween Party

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Courtesy: Jonsar Studios

After Dark Only

For New York City, Halloween has been a ritual for all of its natural born life, but it’s been the newest thing for Babel New York, and it just keeps getting bigger every year, Babel on Friday night into early today hosted one of the largest Halloween parties directly across from lower Manhattan at the Brooklyn Navy Yard over at Duggal Greenhouse fondly themed “Book Of The Dead”.

In what’s already a creative community comprised of individuals from diverse cultures and tribes by music, arts, and magic, “Book Of The Dead” achieved that mission with bringing fire-breathing acrobatic tribes and dancers together with a deejay roster that were Lee Burridge, Guy Gerber, Behrouz, Goldcap, and Wai filling the inside/ outside air with endless EDM, house, dance, and club tracks to revelers who got the Halloween party started early before Saturday, and Halloween night itself.

At a time of year where the sun doesn’t even rise until even minutes before 7:30 a.m., “Book Of The Dead” covered the night well with an 11 p.m. start, and ending at 7 a.m. exactly, the greatest thing here Babel did was instead of saying they were gonna end at 4 a.m. but ended after 6 a.m., Babel this time said 11p to 7a, and they indeed meant it.

Anyone who started their early, middle, or late partying until whenever got the best treat ever with sexy tribal experiences from man and woman alike, all the fire shows they want, and the Jonsar Studios with their Halloween mini-studio of professional photographers letting sexy revelers be the center of attention with the party’s display.

And let’s not forget the revelers over at Babel’s “Book Of The Dead”, all the men who came in their scary and pop culture costumes while oozing their chizzled abs, and all the women who were straight sexy all around no matter if they dressed scary, sexy, symbolic, or copied from pop culture.

This Babel Halloween once again provided lots of great takeaways in all the experiences Babel’s “Book Of The Dead” provided, as well as to those revelers who partied all night long, gaining their own perspective at what they encountered.

Daniel Quintanilla

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