Gansevoort Park Avenue declares itself the spot for Halloween parties

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Courtesy: Daniel Quintanilla

The Hair Is Down, And It’s Down Hard

Shortly after Halloween 2016 passed, a great deal of the country went into shell-shock, Manhattan especially, as Donald Trump became president, and not Hillary Rodham Clinton, which many elites had hoped.

So what does this have to do with Halloween one wonders?  Well, if you happen to be the lucky ones who partied Saturday night into early Sunday morning at Gansevoort Park’s Rooftop, then it was especially a time to forget the craziness that’s been happening over the last 51 weeks since the Presidental Election.

And just do one thing, and one thing only, party and let go like you never have before, Gansevoort as always gave the venue, mood, feel, atmosphere, and booze to move about its room and levels of places to dance, drink, kiss, and whatever else happened out of order, or simultaneously.

The most important thing one does surrending their patronage over to Gansevoort Rooftop do it carefully, and at the right time, being anywhere between 11:30 p.m. and 12:30 a.m. because clubs get highly populated at that time, and sets yourself apart from the lame people who go to nightclubs before then, and that’s when all the sexy people show up anyway.

In every spot Daniel plus Lauren knows at Gansevoort, no signs of dullness were prevalent, with plenty of Harley Quinns, Playboy Bunnies, scary brides, and other pop culture characters being recreated, as well as hot EDM, House, and club music with the Park Avenue skyline from the top floor, and the dark setting with appropriate color scheme from lights and walls to set the mood of a utopia that draw you back forever.

Gansevoort Park Avenue has been doing this Halloween thing for the last 7 years, and each year is even better than previous because intimacy when partying is the most precious commodity there is.

Daniel Quintanilla

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