Art of the Elysium: Chrissy Teigen, Victoria Justice & Ali Larter wore Le Vian and Hamel

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Courtesy: Getty Images and D’Orazio & Associates

Dazzle & Appeal Are Art In Itself

These ladies donned jewels and stunning dresses to The Art Of Elysium’s11th Annual Celebration on Saturday evening in Santa Monica, California.
The Art of Elysium empower artists and communities of need to join together and emotionally triumph over their circumstances through art.
Chrissy Teigen wore diamond and morganite cluster earrings by Hueb, and donned diamond rings by Le Vian, Victoria Justice wore Le Vian morganite earrings, and Elizabeth Chambers wore Le Vian diamond and sapphire earrings.
Fadua Hueb set out to make the sort of jewelry her friends wanted, but couldn’t find.
What she created was a collection of gemstones with golden accents inspired by the color, energy, and natural beauty of Brazil.
Each piece was designed to complement a woman’s personal style, rather than define it.
Hueb jewelry is handcrafted by skilled in-house artisans.
Quality materials such as high-grade diamonds and gemstones from Brazil are set in 18k gold.
The many varied collections strike a subtle balance of art and innovation, both classic and contemporary.
Rumer Willis wore gold and onyx Maxior earrings, and Ali Larter wore a Hamel metallic cutout dress.
Melina Harris created the fashion house, Hamel with the intention to develop designs that would project and inspire eternal beauty for women wearing Hamel.
When this Belgrade based fashion designer began her career, her vision was to bring designs to life that would illuminate the female figure by focusing on the elegance of a woman’s shape and curves.
Comfort was essential. Melina’s intent to design clothes that she herself could wear and as a frequent traveler, she made key fabric selections on behalf of the dresses that could be thrown into luggage and easily pulled out and worn to her multiple evening events.

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