Brooklyn Archives shows off their vintage at UBM Vintage @ Intermezzo

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Courtesy: Daniel Quintanilla

We Stand For What We Carry

Brooklyn Archives and their vintage offerings showed off only the best vintage pieces one can find in the land of Fashion on Tuesday at UBM Fashion’s Vintage @ Intermezzo at the Javits Center up in New York City.

As told by the people that work there, Brooklyn Archives is a vintage clothing shack that specializes in high end vintage clothing and accessories, as well as designer vintage, they only carry the best quality styles, designers, and everything that is seen on the fashion trade show floor, and their design house as well.

Brooklyn Archives and their collections are in mint condition to near mint condition, ready to wear, based out of Brooklyn, New York, and have been in business for a little over a year, and Brooklyn Archives’s owner has always been a collector for a number of years before Brooklyn Archives even came about.

For Brooklyn Archives, the items people gravitate towards are their collected furs and leathers, while specializing in jackets which people are in love with too giving reason for their own success.

With Brooklyn Archives, as well as any other vintage collection out there, it is not about seasons and trends, because vintage is not considered seasonal, vintage is timeless, there’s no end to their endless beauty, vintage made well with foresighted people behind it from that given time and place will last a lifetime, and not go by the wayside like most fashion does today.

Daniel Quintanilla

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