Lauren Conrad’s January splurging and saving



A New Year Of Spoils

Lauren Conrad today brought her first 2018 edition of splurge vs. save, comparing clothes, shoes, and accessories in the form of those that are expensive, as opposed to those that are lower-priced versions, so there’s no tears and heartache after spending a sum fortune.

Team LC’s Jessi Burrone starts with Zimmerman Lovelorn Floral Dress that runs at $850, which in this case is worth the money, then the Topshop Frill Detail Skater Dress for just $40 and a momentary frill, there’s also Kate Spade New York Ocean Slingback Pumps for $228 compared to Vince Camuto Kolissa Slingback Pump for $98.95.

The next comparisons are laces blouses from Jourden White running at $640, and the Forever 21 Sheer Lace Mock Neck Top for only $27.90 (pick this one), Chenille Sweaters are making a comeback from the 90’s from Lost + Wonder Maya for $75, and LC Lauren Conrad’s version of Chenille that’s just $29.99 (pick this one too).

Give What Fights For You A Fighting Chance

That’s right, that immune system of yours could use some help in winter, Ilana Saul today found some healthy habits to boost your immune system naturally, starting with adding probiotics found in supplements, coconut milk yogurt, and fermented foods.

There’s also an elixer one can make starting out with hot water, then adding elderberry syrup, apple cider vinegar, a magnesium supplement called natural calm, and local honey, and essential herbal oils one can rub at the bottom of their feet, with the end result of being less sick in winter.

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