Lauren Conrad’s favorite moments as a mom so far



Those Early Loving Moments

Today, Lauren Conrad devoted Tuesday Ten to her most memorable mommy moments that Lauren shares with her almost one year old son, Liam James Tell, who’s done nothing but grow up so fast right before Lauren’s eyes, and will soon celebrate his first birthday.

Lauren shares moments like when she and Liam have matching outfits of sweater and jeans, sitting with the Easter bunny, watching Liam grow up while sitting on the beach looking at the sand, taking up a hobby like his dad, William Tell, playing with the guitar, and getting messy with the finger paint.

Lauren next touches on how both she and William are no longer a pair anymore, they’re now a family of 3 that include Liam James, not trading in days of the new normal, playing dress up on the pumpkin patch for Halloween, precious moments sleeping, and sitting on the beach together.

Mom’s Vintage Trends

Lauren Conrad and crew today shared a new style guide involving their favorite ole school trends inspired by their dear ole mothers, sharing mods from the 1960’s, peasant dresses from the 1970’s, statement pieces and bodysuits from the 1980’s, and metallic accessories from the 1990’s.

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