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How Many Bottles Of Beer On The Wall????????

Whether you’re in fashion, at a reception, a barbecue, night out, happy hour, or any given moment, you know you’ve had your share of alcohols on tap, bottle, draft, chilled or hot, whether it’s wine, cocktails, whiskey, vodka, beer, and so forth.

However, for Lauren Conrad, she and her gang have not devoted a fifth or even an ounce  of their Lovely Libations to beer, Lauren personally changed all that today with a beginner’s guide to beer tasting, what to know about all beer types, and how to correctly pour it.

Lauren splashes the bottom of the glass about hops, flowers used before beer’s refrigerated to help preserve the beer while in transport, giving its bitter and aromatic flavor, and malts which is malted barley is a grain that gives beer its color, determining if a beer will be light or dark, and even sweet.

Lauren then doubles down on beer types, starting with lagers and pilsners for those who like crisp and refreshing beers that too are on the lighter side, ales with a fuller body come in amber and very fruity with high hop amounts that mainly come in IPA’s, stouts are the darkest and fullest body beers to man (a.k.a. Guinness), porters are similar to stouts but with a chocolate-y side, and sours are similar to cider which make the beer tart and fruity.

There’s a good pour of beer into a glass if not drank by bottle or can, angle glass at 45 degrees, pour to glasses middle, pour slowly, and only a dime-size of foam should be on top.

For Daniel plus Lauren, yours truly has tried all types of beers, but lagers are they’re absolute favor, and Yuengling and La Birra Di Meni are the beers of choice for this beer enthusiast.

You Look Pretty After Your Workout

While you consume beer, you will definitely have to workout, especially intense cardio and/ or bikram yoga sessions to burn the beer off, followed by a shower after those intense sessions.

However, if you do less intense work outs, then Lauren Conrad’s Ilana Saul today shows you how to master a post-workout primp, being applying melt proof makeup, touching up your tresses, and doing a post-workout wipedown of yourself in a few steps and products.

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