Kristin Cavallari shoots out in Palm Springs on ‘Very Cavallari’

Courtesy: E! Entertainment YouTube Channel

Time To Work

On “Very Cavallari” Sunday night on E!, as Kristin Cavallari moves on from the aftermath of firing Shannon over at Uncommon James, Kristin sets her sights on Palm Springs, California for her latest photo shoot for her own product line of course, and just when husband, Jay Cutler, assumes that he tags along as usual with wifey, Kristin, Kristin sadly informs Jay that he is uninvited, but it’s better that Kristin doesn’t have the distraction anyway because Kristin puts herself in a mindset to do these spring/ summer shoots well, plus Kristin gets to invite all her friends along for the ride and participate.

And after the shoot was done, Kristin and all her friends, including Kristin’s best friend, Kelly, all went out for dinner, but first over a few drinks, Kelly reveals that she was engaged to a guy before, a guy who was also a football player like Jay and went to Vanderbilt with Jay also, but 3 months before the wedding, Kelly found out her fiancé had been cheating, cheating a great deal as a matter of fact, so there went the relationship, as well as the wedding, Kelly’s assured that she can have that again, but with someone better.

As Kristin finally returned back to Uncommon James HQ over in Nashville, Kristin learns that shipments are going out with nothing in the boxes, Kristin ask UJ’s number 2, Brittany, for an an exact count of all the empty boxes that are going out, Kristin says 3 empty shipments are bad enough, but it’s 10 empties that are going out, so there’s good reason to fear the worst since Shannon got fired already.

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