New York City nightclubs to go dark due to #COVID-19 #coronavirus

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Good Times On Hold

New York City Mayor, Bill de Blasio, signed an executive order today that all non-essential business in New York City must close by 9 a.m. tomorrow morning, which NYC government announced on Sunday, relegating restaurants to take out and delivery only, but ordering movie theaters, small theater houses, concert venues, and nightclubs to shut their doors until further notice, so New York City can eradicate the effect that coronavirus has on its 5 boroughs.

No matter the crisis, holiday, or elements outside, New Yorkers who love to party are in for a late night at the club, with a few drinks and other extracurricular activities that come with the package, now those late night revelers will have to find whatever booze and close friends nearby to try and compensate on that lost nightclub effect.

It’s said that the working class of New York City is 50/50, 50 percent being the workers who have high paying jobs and can afford to work remotely since they’re job will compensate their time off, then the other 50 percent in the service, retail, and freelance economy who don’t get compensated for lost time in this crisis, and are in for potential financial free fall during and after concerns of coronavirus.

Daniel plus Lauren hopes the coronavirus is slowed down to nothing, and action is taken now to not only heal, but to repair and rebuild our economy, as too many things like the Met Gala and Broadway have been affected already, and hoping it doesn’t go as far as Halloween.

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