Maria’s by Alida Boer delights with Tanate travel bag

Courtesy: Maria’s By Alida Boer

A Colorful World

There’s an exciting moment when it’s time to travel, go on vacation, or leave out of town on business, we get our best toiletries and clothes together for what could be unforgettable moments, and you need all the style you can get, it starts with Ali Boer and Maria’s By Alida Boer handbags with the Tanate travel bag.

Inspired by the traditional Guatemalan tanates, Maria’s created the perfect travel bag with a large interior space; the shape of this bag adapts to the items you carry inside, making it a versatile bag that will always accompany you.

The tanate bag embodies the spirit of modern travel, it’s lightweight, flexible, and always ready for immediate departure, the bag lives up to its name, experts in the art of packaging can easily fit a week-long wardrobe into the generously sized.

Originally inspired by the artistry of the traditional huipil textile, Marias combines artisanal traditions with contemporary shapes, the brand has grown to incorporate other fine techniques into their styles, such as delicate beadwork and wood carving.

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