Maria’s By @alidaboer provides your nahual kit @mariasbag #YoTeCuido #COVID19

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Woven Protection

Maria’s Bag By Alida Boer uses their talent, artisans, conscious social effort, and spirits of the great beyond to give you the Nahual Kit that protects you from the pandemic called COVID19 we’re living in.

In the Mayan culture, NAHUAL, also called nawal or nagual, is a guarding spirit that we acquire at birth and that will protect us for the rest of our lives. The NAHUAL is usually a spiritual animal. Each person has their own NAHUAL depending on the day they were born according the Cholq´ij calendar.

With the Ajpu Kit, it is the light and it is the representation of Grandfather Sun. It means blowgun hunter, hunter, marksman and walker. It is the regenerative force, the cycle of life, the power to have the entire galaxy. Face masks made of anti-micro fabric. It is a product woven with 100% polyester compacted textured yarn to give different appearances. Contains finish technology to make it anti-fluid, anti-microbial, and air-proof.

Also take a look at the Penacho Hat with beautiful decorative style, and strong enough to protect you from the sun.

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