Barrington Stage Company rethinks theater in a #COVID19 world @BarringtonStage @CBSSunday #theater #broadway #cbssundaymorning

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The Show Can Go On

Barrington Stage Company, a renown theater company in Pittsfield, Massachusetts, is one of the few stages across the country making a comeback in the theater world, resuming performances once again, but with far greater restrictions and changes made to the venue while the COVID19 pandemic still rage on, which “CBS Sunday Morning” reported on today.

Barrington has taken out rows in-between so they can be 6 feet apart from other rows, and those sitting in rows if you’re not together with someone else have to stay 6 feet apart as well, patrons who enter the theater will have their temperature taken, sanitize their hands, and wear a face mask.

Even the famous Barrington stage was marked to have 6 feet distance from other actors performing in plays and musicals, the easiest way to kick off performances in this was will be when a one-man show is staged with minimal sets when the theater reopens.

Other theaters like the Woolly-Mammoth Theater in Washington, D.C. also plan to re-emerge in COVID19, with either cabaret seating or plexiglass pew sections that answer the call of social distancing.

While COVID19 has shutdown Broadway and such, Livestream ideas and options have been implemented, either from home, or past performances up-streamed onto YouTube channels.

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