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Mid-July Already????

Yes, this is the time to think about Halloween, begin figuring out who you’re gonna be, planning out your costumes, planning out your trip to New York for the big 2 or 3 nights of the year to dress up, booking your Airbnb or hotel, transportation to the Big Apple, and saving as much money as possible for the big trip if that’s your grand scheme like Daniel plus Lauren executed for 8 years (2011-2018) (2019 regretfully missed), plus book a few VIP parties at the top Manhattan clubs, get a professional to do your makeup, and catch the Halloween Parade in Greenwich Village, before we get to the top costumes of 2020, let’s quickly reminisce about 2 adventures yours truly loved in the 4 year life of this blog.

October 29/30, 2016: Yours truly dressed up as Blondie from “Sucker Punch”, the fierce black wig along with makeup done by Abracadabra NYC made this hard to miss character come to life at Gansevoort Park Avenue.

2018: It’s 2 moments in one year, first it’s Selena that kicked off the first of 3 nights after a longtime Halloween makeup artist recommended it the year before, then Halloween night brought a whole new dimension with Asian model, Kina Shen, that transformed yours truly.

Here’s a few characters to keep in mind for Halloween 2020, despite being on lockdown from COVID19.

Dr. Fauci

You knew a coronavirus-themed costume was coming! Everyone’s favorite doctor is sure to be the best Halloween costume of the year. The beauty of it is how easy it is to dress up as him. All you need is a regular doctor’s costume and then you can add glasses and a Dr. Fauci nametag. This kit comes with a hat, coat, shirt, pants and a face mask. $14.99,

Black Widow

You simply can’t go wrong with a character from the Marvel universe on Halloween, and that’s especially true when the character is played by Scarlett Johansson. This officially licensed costume has everything you need to nail the look: a zip-front jumpsuit with 3D boot tops, pull-on knee pads, a black belt with silver buckles that ties in the back and black arm gauntlets with bullet details. $39.46,

Alexander Hamilton

Thanks to “Hamilton” coming to Disney Plus this summer, Lin-Manuel Miranda’s award-winning musical has once again taken center stage — pun intended. Dress up as everyone’s favorite founding father and you’ll be sure to be a smash hit as well. The colonial officer costume includes a jacket, vest front, jabot, knickers and boot-top shoe covers. Tony award sold separately! $40.27,

Wonder Woman

The more the release date for “Wonder Woman 1984” gets pushed back, the more we can’t wait to see Gal Gadot reprise her iconic role on the silver screen. It’s just one more reason — not that you needed one — to step into the superhero’s cape this Halloween. This officially licensed kit has the dress, belt, gauntlets and tiara. Superpowers are not for sale. $33.10,

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