Amanda Kloots adds #golf to new things in #grief process #amandakloots #nickcordero #broadway #COVID19

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It’s Tee Time

Amanda Kloots added a new activity today to her list of trying out new things that Amanda hasn’t done before, and are not connected to her late husband, Nick Cordero, it’s the greener pastures themselves, it’s golf.

When learning golf, not only do you need to understand the game, and aspects like sand trap, shank, line, and birdie, you also gotta know that the lower the score, the better your game is, and it’s all recorded on a penalty card, but most of all, you gotta learn how to swing a golf club, which was the first thing Amanda learned.

Amanda stresses she wants to learn something new everyday, tennis is one sport Amanda is also getting lessons on to transition into the next chapter of her life, as well as rely on her world famous BFF’s being The Rockettes.

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