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Courtesy: New York Times

Dickens Unstoppable

The spirit of Charles Dickens and the greediness of Ebenezer Scrooge do not let a pandemic from staging its message, the New York Times today reports that “A Christmas Carol” is one of the few and growing shows that will go on despite COVID19 ruling the land, instead of thousands of fans flocking to the theater, “A Christmas Carol” will bring the true meaning of Christmas home to you direct from its original home in London, England at the Old Vic Theatre (without an audience), filmed with the utmost caution to stop the spread of COVID19.

If you want to see “A Christmas Carol” in the comfort and safety of your own home, it’ll only cost you $10, and it’ll be free for your children to watch if your kids are watching it at school, those who produce “A Christmas Carol” outside the original London production (including the original) are committed to the credo “The Show Must Go On” by doing “A Christmas Carol” at a financial loss, but know they’re obligated to their loyal audiences who are eager to see “A Christmas Carol” no matter what.

Back on March 11, Daniel plus Lauren sprung the idea of Broadway going livestream just hours after the World Health Organization (WHO) declared the coronavirus a pandemic, and this was less than a day before Broadway shutdown at 5 p.m. New York time, now many Broadway shows like “Hamilton” have pivoted and set up camp virtually to livestream performance videos and socially distanced productions of their beloved shows.

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