779K claiming #unemployment with sharp declines from previous week in #covid19 @USDOL

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The United States Department Of Labor reported its weekly unemployment claims today at 779,000, in spite of the continued staggering numbers, it was 33,000 less than last week’s 812,000, but last week’s figure was 35,000 more, it was revised down from 847,000.

COVID19 hasn’t made filing for unemployment any easier, it’s one of the hardest professions to work in next to frontline workers treating COVID19 patients, it’s all because the historic high amounts of unemployment need to be sorted out thoroughly, so the weekly numbers fluctuate plus or minus even after weekly reports are released by the USDOL.

The only thing this week at least that stayed unrevised are the insured unemployment rate, last week’s 3.4 percent figure was unchanged, but did drop down by 0.2 percent to be at 3.2 percent this week, the number on insured unemployment continues downward by 193,000 less at 4,592,000, with last week’s 4,771,000 revised up by 14,000 to 4,785,000.

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