Amanda Kloots resurrects #liveyourlife #singalong with song origins ~ #nickcordero #broadway #COVID19

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Nick Is With Us

Amanda Kloots on the one year anniversary that Amanda started the nightly singalong, revived tonight Nick Cordero’s song, and legacy that is “Live Your Life”, kicking it off that it was done for 84 days from April 12, 2020 to July 6, 2020, the day after Nick died from COVID19.

Amanda noted the singalong started one evening by doing an Elvis Presley song about life, a means to spread positive vibes to Nick while battling COVID19, Nick’s blood pressure dropped on that given day, so the “Live Your Life” singalong was born using Nick’s original song that is “Live Your Life”.

The meaning behind “Live Your Life” was not a death song, or even a life song, “Live Your Life” was about a man and woman who loved each other, but their paths for romance could never cross, or maybe even meant to be, paths would only cross if it was actually meant to be, but in the meantime, “Live Your Life”.

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