547K: new #unemployment all time low in #COVID19 #job losses ~ @USDOL

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The United States Department Of Labor today has a new record low for unemployment claims reported during the COVID19 pandemic, it’s 547,000 (and now the lowest figure since March 14, 2020 with 256,000 reported pre-COVID), 39,000 less than last week’s 586,000 that’s been revised up by 10,000 from 576,000.

No revisions were needed for the insured unemployment rate from last week’s unchanged 2.7 percent, falling 0.1 percent to land at 2.6 percent, plus the insured unemployment figure also dropped to its lowest level in the pandemic of 3,674,000 (3,094,000 on March 20, 2020 pre-COVID), 34,000 less than last week’s 3,708,000 revised down 23,000 from 3,731,000.

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