An Informa & Sourcing Journal ‘Shifting Sands’ takeaway: digital and local sourcing in fashion are key to supply chain woes


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With the future of fashion now laid on the table, guiding on where to sail next, common problems still linger such as moving goods, pricing, slowing demand, profitability, tariffs, COVID-19 recovery, and environmental concerns are still in the rear view mirror as we move ahead, a recent report delivered by Informa titled “Shifting Sands” gets into extensive detail about recovering from what are now diminished profits thanks to consumer concerns about a recession, but it’s now a perfect opportunity for brands and supply chain companies to improve quality control for their clients and consumers, using all too common means such as technology for quicker response, and home sourcing to avoid issues from overseas.

Over the past few months, Daniel Plus Lauren has written about sessions by Informa that address how digital technology will be the next chapter in fashion, now it’s more clearer than ever that brands from large to small use digital tools to help them deal with the challenges they’re facing with supply chain, responding to the trends of fashion at a much quicker rate than ever, with very little turnover from idea to apparel in the customer’s fingertips, affording such digital tools are still a challenge for small businesses, which is why it’s vital that even forecasting software be created as a much-needed alternative to hiring a firm or consultant that’s apparently not cost-effective for smaller brands.

Sourcing of materials to make apparel and accessories for brands faces all challenges such as costs, demand for it, pricing, sustainability, and accessibility, there’s only one easy solution to deal with sourcing on an on-going basis is to source material locally, don’t go overseas to produce the fabrics and textiles you need to manufacture your items, having a production facility that responds to trends and demands in an instant are the holy grail to meeting the bottom line, whether it’s at a 100 mile radius from corporate headquarters, or here in the heart of New York City just a street, district, or borough away, local sourcing at a sustainable level, and at a cost-effective level thanks to digital technology are the gateway for your brand to stay in business for years to come.

It’s no secret that fashion responds to the current mood of the country, for better or worse, the rising influence of Gen Z has challenged every fashion norm we’ve accepted, it’s no longer sexy to be sexy according to Tik-Tok influenced Gen Z, who are just loving their t-shirts and sweatpants that takes you back to the solemn teenager of the early 1990’s, you can’t even go into a dance class without this Gen Z assault that shatters who’s man & who’s woman, it’s apparently the unisex idea that could be gender-neutral having a moment, putting objectivity out to pasture.

But like many moments, it has a season, and that season will eventually end, mainly because Gen Z, previous and future generations, and the economy are going in a more optimistic and positive direction, allowing for new ideas to breakthrough in fashion, and younger generations to take on a more outgoing approach to life.

And when we arrive at this friendlier place sooner than later, all digital solutions will be in place for large and small fashion brands, and sourcing will finally be more accessible and sustainable than it ever has been before.

Daniel Quintanilla

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