360K: still the lowest #unemployment claims made in #COVID19 ~ @USDOL

Courtesy: Daniel Quintanilla

The United States Department Of Labor had its weekly unemployment claims return to all time lows, one being the lowest number in all the pandemic since March 14, 2020 of 256,000 prior, and today once again reaching 360,000, being the lowest figure during COVID19, and 26,000 less than last week’s 386,000 revised up 13,000 from 373,000.

What does continue to be constant for the moment is the insured unemployment rate getting lower and lower, while remaining unchanged and unrevised from last week at 2.4 percent, the insured unemployment figure also during COVID19 had a new all time low of 3,241,000 (closer to 3,094,000 on March 21,2020), and 126,000 less than last week’s 3,367,000 revised up 28,000 from 3,339,000.

Daniel Quintanilla

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