Fashinnovation’s 6th Worldwide Talks hold true to Next-Gen fashion

Courtesy: Fashinnovation

Stepping Forward

Fashinnovation held the sixth of its Worldwide Talks today to address the evolving world that is fashion, and how leading designers and creators are shaping not only what we wear, but making the global population more aware about sustainability, leading to a newfound consumer effort to raise questions about where our clothing comes from, where’s it sourced, how’d it produced.

Overseas in the U.K., the drive for sustainability in fashion and accessories is already in motion as consumer demand now calls for reusable bags to say the least, but clothing, accessories, and shoes to be produced in the most ethical, and environmental way possible, the U.S. has yet to be entirely on board with moving towards 100 percent sustainable fashion, but vows to produce zero carbon footprints by 2030.

As we continue to face a global health pandemic thanks to COVID19, and realize that we’re not out of the woods yet or that it’s far from over, the most important element both consumers and creators crave for now, in the past, and in the future is transparency, being honest and upfront about your struggles, your consumer’s struggles, and how you plan to solve each goal one at a time in order to tackle bigger goals.

But the absolute most important thing the world must get in their drive to be innovative is to be in good health, not only workout, or eat healthy, but to get sleep, sleep is the most important thing that you can do to recharge your body and mind to take on your goals, and also to improve your mental health.

Daniel Quintanilla

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