NY NOW goes POP with Olivia Rodrigo’s ex, Joshua Bassett, & their LGBTQ+ Gen Z attire


Goddess That’s Olivia

There’s such a euphoria (no pun intended) for what the upcoming buying power of GEN Z offers up to the world, changing up the status quo that has been millennial, GEN X, and baby boomer for over 50 years at least, it may seem like there’s a threat with this new buying power, but there’s extreme curiosity in the gossip that carries on to those young and old, drama begins right at the source with Disney Plus, and it’s “High School Musical, The Musical, The Series” star, Joshua Bassett, who famously dated the white-hot singer-songwriter, Olivia Rodrigo, linked to this GEN Z line that is POP, wearing this 90’s inspired TikTok brand that NY NOW has in its sights today at the Javits Center here in New York.


If you want to get into the nitty-gritty that is GEN Z, start here with POP, this TikTok driven collection seeks out nostalgia with chunky knit sweaters of the purple, pink, and blue diamond pattern which made the 90’s more cooler with sleeveless options that fit an Olivia Rodrigo aesthetic with its upbeat charm and Lilifair concert appreciation that can easily come back to reach out to a new generation.

Such key influencers have taken up the POP life with POP reaching out to influencers on social media, even as close as streaming with DISNEY PLUS as they sent a warm and welcoming invitation to “High School Musical: The Musical: The Series” star, Joshua Bassett, as one of the many celebrity influencers who got the POP life, that pop life extends to Taylor Swift which POP has reached out to.

But there’s one apparent thing that Joshua Bassett can’t avoid when walking around the streets of Los Angeles and New York City, it’s Olivia Rodrigo, her presence and homegrown aesthetics are nothing to avoid, the streets of Broadway have been graced with such beautiful talent, and Olivia’s influence will shortly be seen in the most obvious sports leading up to her album release of GUTS on September 8.


POP has a long line of GEN Z aesthetics built into its collection, there’s sweaters, pullovers, and sweatshirts to take over the class, at one point and time, Olivia Rodrigo and ex, Joshua Bassett have worn these garments (if not POP exclusively), POP stresses that this is not a children’s collection, these are adult apparel not only for men and women, but also for LGBTQ+ audiences that wear this cool apparel not only with other suitable pieces like pants or leggings, but on their own… with less than pants such as all kinds or tights of the polka-dot, fishnet, ripped, and punk rocker type like Olivia Rodrigo has worn , or not bare-legged like Joshua Bassett may do, or apparently LGBTQ+ people here have done here in Manhattan do.


Though, GEN Z itself has no recollection of the 1990’s on their own, things such as YouTube and classic movies have played a key role in aspiring this retro-loving generation to pick up this love for thick fabrics found in t-shirts fleece sweaters that were also inspired by classic TV shows such a “Friends”.

Much like Olivia Rodrigo, and her ill-fated ex-boyfriend, Joshua Bassett, POP was created by college-bound students out of Stanford University out in the Bay Area of San Francisco, California, where such warm and inviting fashion for this new generative leader of consumer consumption was created, where also such figures as Joshua Bassett and Olivia Rodrigo were born and raised.

UPDATE (8/15/23)

Direct from London, England overnight, Olivia Rodrigo encountered all the infamous and iconic pop aesthetics that London is best known for by living up to the bad girl good vibe that Olivia lives up to, Olivia beautifully wore solid black and red with rain boots as Olivia once again got ready for “GUTS” on September 8, plus Olivia got to famously mimic the crosswalk The Beatles took down “Abbey Road” for their album cover while getting her very own shot of the London skyline with Big Ben, Olivia also avoided heaven and opted for London instead.

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