OSSAWA eyewear celebrates Ivory Coast style at PROJECT New York


Empowerment Is Real

Over at PROJECT New York at Iron 23 in midtown Manhattan here in New York, it’s always an opportunity for you to make a lasting impression with the style you created for your brand, celebrate the roots of its origins, and gaining even more confidence about your staying power in the fashion industry, talent is close and near to you than you think, it’s found in OSSAWA, an incredible eyewear collection that’s birthed, and based in our nation’s capitol.


OSSAWA is based off the Oppy Com language that’s spoken at the subsection of the Ivory Coast in Africa, it’s also an affirmation from the meaning that “God Is Great”, and that we are all kings and queens with all the great things we do, keeping that focus about ourselves so we can continue to pursue our goals and dreams each day, OSSAWA has 3 milestones attached to it, it’s eyewear has been around for 5 years, OSSAWA itself for 10 years, and this Washington, D.C. born and raised brand is showing off for the first time at PROJECT New York.


Tremendous custom-made eyewear is what you’ll find here with OSSAWA, it’s personalized style with their innovative modular design liberates you from the constraints of conventional eyewear, enabling you to mix and match parts for a truly tailored look.

You’ve got a well-polished collection of eyewear that come on various prints and colors, stylish down to the T with design options of square eye pairs and rounded eye pairs at a pace set for however you want to express your eyes that need help you to read the many words and signs passing by in your life.

Immerse yourself in a world of unmatched customization as you effortlessly mix and match frames, lenses, and temple options, creating a truly unique and personalized look that effortlessly enhances your face shape.

After enjoying the flawless fit of your initial personalized eyewear, you’ll be granted privileged entry to our supply store, offering a vast selection of customizable features to fuel your creativity. Flaunt your distinctive perspective to the world.


Founded in 2012 by Georges Bijoux, OSSAWA believes that true visionaries can change the world, creating eyewear for those who aren’t afraid to stand out and share their unique perspectives with the world, OSSAWA’s goal is to empower you on your journey toward self-discovery and self-mastery, equipping you with the tools you need to unlock your full potential, a message that’s much-needed in the ears of GEN Z.

Daniel Quintanilla

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