NY NOW brings Ivy Cove live to its tradeshow floor for the 1st time


Luxury On Tap

At DANIEL PLUS LAUREN’s first arrival of NY NOW for this August edition today, there’s a definite blend of fashion, accessories, and home goods ranging from cozy prints, kitchen basics and decorations, and a few luxury items on call for that perfect touch of class, the Javits Center here in New York brings something old, something new, something borrowed, and something blue (no, nobody’s tying the knot), it’s Ivy Cove, who make their first appearance here at NY NOW.


Almost forgot green in that wedding medley, green because along with blue, it’s the mantra of Ivy (green) Cove (blue), Ivy Cove founder, Ivy Moliver, puts a lot of tender loving care into this laidback luxury brand that takes you to the office, on a picnic, allows you to kick back with branded shoes, and hydrates you with canteens while giving off pleasant libations with picnic totes that fit not only packed food, but special compartments to pack your bottles of wine, you also have Ivy Cove’s famous wine totes for libation in an instant.


From many times that Ivy Cove has appeared here on DANIEL PLUS LAUREN, Ivy Cove brings luxury to work with their office clutches, storing much-needed accessories that get you through your workday, plus special cell phone crossbody handbags with added gusset protection, there’s Ivy Cove’s market totes and leather baskets that hold an exceptional amount of accessories, Ivy Cove also has a line of restaurant accessories such as hand-stitched place mats made of all leather, aprons with the Ivy Cove colors, coasters with blurred digital prints of world-famous destinations have the Ivy Cove logo on it, plus ice buckets that are perfect for keeping white wine and champagne chilled.

Ivy Cove caters to not just women, but men and kids also, especially men with Ivy Cove brown and black leather wallets, plus larger wallets that are made to hold all types of currency whether it’s domestic and international paper money, or coins from both the United States and overseas, compartments that keep your money safe and secure.


Ivy Cove also holds true to not just being a laid-back luxury brand relying on its high-end aesthetic, but to being a brand that constantly gives back with their charity work, Ivy Cove does a great deal with Step Up in Los Angeles, silent auctions at various private schools, extensive work in Santa Barbara, California, raising awareness for breast cancer, just to name a few of the long list of activities that Ivy Cove does to give back to its community.

Gen Z having no appreciation for luxury, functional, or finer things is greatly exaggerated, because Ivy Cove with their luxurious line of leather products for all aspects of life with a pop of twist, and without being too over the top or too trendy (which is no frills in Gen Z’s case) delivers the right amount of luxury that attracts a wide range of audiences, ranging from 20-years-old to 70-years-old.

Daniel Quintanilla

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