NY NOW vendor, Provence Platters, wins IFDA Selects Summer 2023 decorative award


Abundant Notoriety

The prestige of NY NOW today has caught the attention of the International Furnishings and Design Association (New York Chapter) with one of DANIEL PLUS LAUREN’s finest NY NOW write ups from last year around this time, it’s Provence Platters who received this honored award for “Best in NY NOW Show: DECORATIVE ACCESSORIES Summer 2023”.


IFDA Selects made a fine choice for choosing Provence Platters because their cheeseboards do more than just their name, these fully-functional rotating food boards that are easy to transport, plus hold the wheel on being an essential part of holding food for party guests, made with authentic wine barrel tops, also inheriting the chalk written texts of what the wine barrel contained when it functioned in its originality of holding wine.


Wine barrels apparently go a long way with Provence Platters, they not only hold cheese and crisp fragmented bread with cold cuts for the planned or impromptu party that will witness quality at every level, but act as wine chillers when added with tin can component accompanied with ice to keep that white wine chilled for your guests, it’s steel handle construction compliments the aesthetic you will find with Provence Platters, which make it an award winner hands down.

Daniel Quintanilla

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