Unemployment claims soar to a record 3.3 million thanks to #COVID19 #coronavirus @USDOL #unemployment

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Prepare For Impact

The United States Department of Labor delivered staggering numbers today that initial unemployment claims reached 3,283,000, now the highest amount in the history of record, beating the previous record of 695,000 in October 1982 when inflation and interest rates were staggeringly high.

On average, unemployment claims were at 282,000 before stay-at-homes orders and non-essential businesses ordered to close took effect, but a jump in claims upended that average by 3,001,000, causing the record number in a given week.

Sources close to Daniel plus Lauren have said that all of New York City is a ghost town, nothing is going on, no tourists are coming in, and every business you can name that’s non-essential are not operating, or just simply closed, fashion for one is greatly affected, locally and globally.

Other sources say that 90 percent of the country, let alone New York City, work non-essential jobs, and this new financial crisis we’ve entered into will have devastating effects on the population, who don’t know when they’re next paycheck is coming in, or what kind of jobs will be available.

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