684K: #unemployment falls to new low in #COVID19 ~ @USDOL

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The United States Department Of Labor today reported a new set of low figures throughout the COVID19 pandemic, and just one year to the week that unemployment claims were adversely affected for the first time by 3.3 million, the new low is 684,000, 97,000 less than last week’s 781,000 revised up by 11,000 from 770,000.

Also at a new low was the insured unemployment rate, landing at 2.7 percent falling short of 3 percent for the first time during COVID by 0.2 percent from last week also unrevised, with the insured unemployment figure falling also to a new low of 3,870,000 by 264,000 from 4,134,000 last week after revising up 10,000 from 4,124,000.

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