‘In The Heights’ #movie finally going #livestream on @hbomax #HBOMax with theater release @intheheights #InTheHeightsMovie #broadway #covid19

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Vaccine 💉 = Livestream

Much like Operation Warp Speed established by President Donald Trump on a race to create COVID19 vaccines which finally happened over the last month, the “In The Heights” movie is doing something you’d never thought would happen, it’s going livestream on HBOMax, Warner Bros. announced Thursday that beginning this Christmas Day, all of Warner Bros. Pictures theatrical movie releases will also be live-streamed on the same day, for up the 31 days, that means the constant push for “In The Heights” by Daniel plus Lauren to go livestream is finally taking place on June 18, 2021 when released in movie theaters.

Though it’s not sooner like right now or even this Christmas, “In The Heights” not being limited to just movie theaters when uncertainty in June 2021 may still be present even when millions should be vaccinated from coronavirus by that time, it’s said to be a much needed tripled down lifeline for one, Broadway, that’s been closed since last March and closed till May 30, 2021 at least, Director, John M. Cho, of “Crazy Rich Asians” fame who directed “In The Heights” and demands a theater release, and HBOMax, who wants a leg up on Netflix and Disney Plus in subscribers, Warner Bros. also says this duel theater and livestream effort will be strictly for 2021.

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